Karen Fenley CHROMA

After the 2016 election I reached a high level of overwhelm. I could not sleep. I needed to do something different: step back in order to move forward. I turned towards resilience, art. I recognized the feelings of despair and looked at working from a position of health and beauty, not from immobilizing despair.


I believe in beauty. It feeds me. Art and nature are transformative and sacred to me. In the studio I loose track of time – a rare experience.

Green Rain

I began this series with a major influence: Fra Angelico. Then I immersed myself in Degas, Ross Bleckner, Keltie Ferris, Carrie Moyer and others – all using color. I try to be my own student and an active learner. Being a learner in the face of narrow attitudes makes the world a larger place. It is an antidote to the climate of restriction. This antidote of learning is uplifting, and the process transcends the despair .

Deep Sleep

Author: mcohen15

I am an artist and teacher who travels extensively throughout the world. I am using this blog to share my experiences with my students and friends.

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