Black and White… In Color, An exhibition of new work by Rachel Binah

Hope Springs Eternal

Rachel Binah: My father used to say, “All colors look he same in the dark.” I have discovered that there is not white or black, except perhaps in our imagination. In this work, I am exploring color in many subtle understated values, in combination with the shadows the structures create. Purple, blues, browns and greys – even the reds and greens in the pieces – appear to be black. Although variations in white are most subtle, they cover the gamut in palest blues, greens, yellows, pinks and oranges. From a distance, our eyes blend the colors which we think are black or white. Looking closer, one can see each color distinctly.

Literally and figuratively, my hand-sewn paper constructions may remind the viewer of current events. Our diversity as a people, and in our politics, is a sign of the great complexity of our current America. In my work, the dark pieces reflect despair created by policies which are cruel and destructive. White pieces represent the potential for hope and a yearning for better, more harmonious resolutions. The constructions are made of water color, and painted color sample paper, fabric, paint, twine, screening and found materials. My process is intuitive. The materials suggest the content. They lead me to create structure out of the chaos.

Spill II

Author: mcohen15

I am an artist and teacher who travels extensively throughout the world. I am using this blog to share my experiences with my students and friends.

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