Mina Cohen, Moving To and Fro

Closet, photograph, 2014

Mina Cohen is showing mixed media paintings in a show entitled “Moving To and Fro”.  The theme of moving can be seen in two series.  The first entitled Out of the Closet depicts the contents of an elderly person’s closet who has to move from her home of 30 years.  The second series is entitled Where are you Moving to acknowledging the often heard phrase at this time of the year….”if so and so is elected I’m moving to….”.  The work incorporates collage materials such as photographs and maps and other mixed media.

Author: mcohen15

I am an artist and teacher who travels extensively throughout the world. I am using this blog to share my experiences with my students and friends.

One thought on “Mina Cohen, Moving To and Fro”

  1. I enjoyed your show for personal as well as political reasons . I especially loved the maps. Combining seemingly unlike locations into one geographic area was a good way to comment politically on our sometimes bizarre global interrelationships. Also, dealing with my own — and my elderly parents’–accumulation of “stuff”, -(after their death) was especially poignant. Moving is a curse, generally, I’ve found.


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